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  • ATOM one

    ATOM one

    ATOM one is the smallest Full HD camera with Dual 3G-SDI output.
    The camera is based on Sony’s IMX174 image sensor that provides exceptional image performance with multi matrix support.

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  • ASIC, FPGA and SoC development

    ASIC, FPGA and SoC development

    System on Chip (SoC), FPGA and embedded software designs for consumer electronics, telecommunications and automotive industries

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  • ASIC, FPGA und SoC Entwicklung

    ASIC, FPGA und SoC Entwicklung

    Ihr deutsches Systemhaus für die Chip und FPGA Entwicklung im deutschspraching Raum. Embedded Software Entwicklung und Leiterkartenentwicklung auf höchstem Niveau.

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  • Cutting-edge Image Processing for ADAS

    Cutting-edge Image Processing for ADAS

    Experience the future of driving with our state-of-the-art components for automotive safety!

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  • Bildverarbeitung für Fahrerassistenzsysteme

    Bildverarbeitung für Fahrerassistenzsysteme

    Algorithmen und Komponenten für das autonome Fahren. Embedded Software Entwicklung nach ISO 26262. Autosar Entwicklung auf Infineon Aurix Bausteinen.

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  • Arria 10 System on Module

    Arria 10 System on Module

    The Arria 10 SOM is an Arria 10 SoC System on Module with an emphasis on embedded and automotive vision applications. Using Alteras Arria 10 SoC Devices in the 29x29 mm package, the module off ers a multitude of interfaces in a small 10 cm by 6 cm form factor.

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Dream Chip Technologies (DCT) will exhibit at the Embedded World 2017 show in Nürnberg, Germany from March, 14th until 16th!

Please visit our booth A440 in Hall 3A

The Dream Chip engineering team has finalized several brand new developments which will be demonstrated at our booth in Nürnberg.

  • Arria 10 SOM
    The Intel Arria 10 SoC based System on Module (SoM) is made for automotive and industrial vision application. Dream Chip is Gold Partner of Intel PSG Development network and offers in close-cooperation with Arrow pre-developed Image platform solutions to the market. This SoM significantly reduces design time and risk for any type of complex developments.
  • 22nm FDSOI ADAS Platform
    The Multi-Core SoC with 4x Cortex-A53, 6x Tensilica Vision P6, ARM lock step processor and wide range of peripherals shows Dream Chips strong commitment to the German automotive industry as a fabless semiconductor company.The so called SDIP chip has more than a billion transistors and is completely developed at Dream Chip Technologies and manufactured at Global Foundries in Dresden. This ADAS platform targets customers in the automotive industry to easy solve the growing demand for intelligent camera systems.
  • MAX 10 embedded camera starter kit and reference platform
    Real-time Pixel Processing Intellectual Property (IP) on a low cost FPGA offering the complete imaging feature set needed for embedded vision systems. Dream Chip offers a complete range of image processing IP to the industry. The platform is an easy way for developers to get familiar with this IP.
  • B-CON ready to use FPGA and IP platform
    As part of the Basler “Imaginghub”, Dream Chip Technologies has developed a ready to use Cyclone V based BCON camera interface IP for easy integration into customers FPGA designs.
  • ATOM one and ATOM one 4K Point of View cameras
    These cameras are currently the smallest POV cameras in the world. The ATOM series of cameras was initially developed to serve the niche market of TV and Internet Broadcast. Due to the very high image quality, the single Coax interface and the robust design, the cameras also found its way into many other applications like surveillance, 360 degree camera systems and virtual reality. The cameras are also used in trucks and airplanes.

Dream Chip also demonstrates several new applications targeting the market for autonomous vehicles and driving

  • Wireless remote video controlled vehicles
    Based on intelligent LTE based Dream Chip camera systems, remote control of vehicles is close to a plug and play solution. The realtime video and bi-directional audio transmission as well as the seamless integration into the CAN system of the vehicles allows full remote control of any vehicle up to 50 km/h. The especially developed camera system supports many “keep alive” measures and insures robust operation even in harsh environment.
  • Digital Mirror Systems
    Together with Texas Instruments, Dream Chip Technologies provides a unique technology for LED flicker mitigation which is already used in a production car to replace common analog mirrors with digital mirror systems.
  • Top View Application
    There are already several solutions in the market. But many of those introduce artefacts in the overlapping area of the different cameras. Dream Chip provides a perfect matching solution to the market.
  • Lane departure
    For front-looking cameras Dream Chip offers robust lane departure algorithms for embedded GPU enabled systems
  • Traffic sign recocnition
    Optimized OpenCL library for embedded systems that can be ported to a variety of embedded systems with different configurations (CPU, GPU, DSP, EVE, fpgaLogic)

This is the great chance to meet with our national and international customers. Dream Chip will demonstrate all their latest developments on the booth in various demo scenarios. Please feel free to make an appointment and meet our sales team in person at the show. Please email to info(at) to schedule a personal meeting and/or a product demonstration and get a free entrance pass.

Dream Chip Technologies delivers a wide range of high performance and intelligent smart camera systems used as super slow motion cameras for real time and live broadcasting. Targa, the handsized battery powered LTE box, allows low latency, real time live streaming directly to the Cloud with SDI or HDMI cameras.

For automotive vision systems Dream Chip Technologies offers a unique algorithm to eliminate or significantly reduce the flicker artefacts in live video taken from various light sources in real time without compromising the video image quality. This technology is the ideal fit for “Camera monitoring Systems” in cars or trucks.

About embedded world

embedded world – the leading international fair for embedded systems

Be it security for electronic systems, distributed intelligence, the Internet of Things or e-mobility and energy efficiency – the embedded world trade fair in Nuremberg enables you to experience the whole world of embedded systems.

Discover the innovations from the embedded sector, meet experts and acquire new customers: Over 930 exhibitors and numerous speakers from 42 countries will be presenting the entire spectrum – ranging from construction elements through modules and full systems, operating systems, hard and software to services – to more than 30,000 trade visitors and approximately 1,700 conference participants from 73 countries.

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