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  • ATOM one

    ATOM one

    ATOM one is the smallest Full HD camera with Dual 3G-SDI output.
    The camera is based on Sony’s IMX174 image sensor that provides exceptional image performance with multi matrix support.

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  • ASIC, FPGA and SoC development

    ASIC, FPGA and SoC development

    System on Chip (SoC), FPGA and embedded software designs for consumer electronics, telecommunications and automotive industries

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  • ASIC, FPGA und SoC Entwicklung

    ASIC, FPGA und SoC Entwicklung

    Ihr deutsches Systemhaus für die Chip und FPGA Entwicklung im deutschspraching Raum. Embedded Software Entwicklung und Leiterkartenentwicklung auf höchstem Niveau.

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  • Cutting-edge Image Processing for ADAS

    Cutting-edge Image Processing for ADAS

    Experience the future of driving with our state-of-the-art components for automotive safety!

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  • Bildverarbeitung für Fahrerassistenzsysteme

    Bildverarbeitung für Fahrerassistenzsysteme

    Algorithmen und Komponenten für das autonome Fahren. Embedded Software Entwicklung nach ISO 26262. Autosar Entwicklung auf Infineon Aurix Bausteinen.

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  • Arria 10 System on Module

    Arria 10 System on Module

    The Arria 10 SOM is an Arria 10 SoC System on Module with an emphasis on embedded and automotive vision applications. Using Alteras Arria 10 SoC Devices in the 29x29 mm package, the module off ers a multitude of interfaces in a small 10 cm by 6 cm form factor.

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Real-time Deflicker

Dream Chip's Cayman-HD is the ultimate REAL-TIME DEFLICKER Unit for Broadcast, TV and Studio!

All slow-motion cameras show flickering artifacts in the slow-motion playback because of interference between the flickering of light-sources and the frame-rate of the camera. This is a physical effect which cannot be avoided if you depend on pre-installed light-sources as for example in football stadiums.

The Cayman-HD image processor features sophisticated bad pixel detection/correction, noise reduction techniques and digital image stabilization to give brilliant pictures in full HD. It supports resolutions ranging from 5 MP up to 18 MP in a single low-cost/low-power design.

Your professional camera signal is taken via an HD-SDI interface and the slow-motion video signal is deflickered with a patent-pending algorithm in real-time without any visible artifacts. This is done with a single-chip solution from Dream Chip Technologies!

The Cayman-HD has a built-in self adjusting algorithm which allows the DEFLICKER to automatically adapt to scenes for great results. In most cases there is no need for scene-based correction.